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There can be no…

• Successful agenda realisation without effective communications
• Effective communications without substantiated strategy
• Substantiated strategy without real-time and focused intelligence

Services specialisation


Sectoral expertise

Our domains of expertise cover Government, Politics, Regulatory, Financial Services, Health, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Tourism, Energy, Aviation, TMT, FMCG, Gaming, Entertainment, and the Food & Drink sectors.


On a daily basis, Critical Publics’ consultants collect, handle and evaluate vast amounts of data, distilling essential information to produce the required intelligence in the form of a substantiation report or other evidence-based deliverable.

We assess the effects agendas have on environments, and analyse critical information in order to deeply understand communication channels, points of influence and key decision–makers.

Furthermore, we correlate resources, capabilities, objectives, environmental parameters and tactical actions in order to build a cohesive knowledge totality based on intelligence, insight and purpose.

We meet our intelligence objectives by observing the following principles:

• Time sensitivity
• Accurate source and content evaluation
• Information contextualisation and summarisation
• Agenda-supporting actionable intelligence

Open Source Intelligence (OSInt)

Open Source Intelligence encompasses a variety of extraction and correlation tools and methods in order to acquire and contextualise information. In the collection phase, Critical Publics mines information from various open sources in order to create comprehensive knowledge libraries.

Greece Data Archive:

Monitoring the international landscape for rhetoric about Greece since 2003, Critical Publics has developed an extensive, constantly-growing database currently consisting of 150,000 content items. The detailed and intense study required to complete the company’s projects resulted in mapping 12,901 different sources of information, 6.200 of which are directly accessible via the Internet. Some 4.200 of these are associated with media, while more than 2.000 are related to transnational and national organisations, governmental and non-governmental organisations, private companies, universities, research centres and think-tanks.


Human Intelligence (HumInt)

Critical Publics maintains a live network of hundreds of associate domain experts spanning the globe. These individuals afford specialised information, intelligence and insight due to their organisational, expertise or domain proximity to the issue under investigation.

Over the course of our 10-year tenure, we have built and successfully deployed proven methods of producing top-level intelligence by combining the information, insight and brainpower of disparate and seemingly-unrelated individuals. Our core ability is to identify, approach and even recruit those actors that can make the difference between success and failure in a given objective.

Geospatial / Geolinguistic

Critical Publics has intelligence capabilities in most parts of the globe. Information can be obtained from all available global sources and through a transnational network of strategic intelligence partners. Our geolinguistic capabilities cover the English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Greek, Slavic and Turkish languages.

Our company’s tactical implementation support capabilities cover all of Europe (Old & New), Russia, the USA, and the Middle East. Critical Publics has particular expertise in South Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, having operated in the wider region for various transnational corporate and governmental interests.

Real-time monitoring & alert systems

Daily monitoring of management-flagged entities

We monitor flagged entities ordered by the client and provide time-sensitive alerts and reports that management can act upon.

Daily monitoring of analyst-identified entities

We monitor entities identified by Critical Publics analysts and timely alert the client to potential opportunities, threats, issues, and actors.

Effective contextualisation

Critical Publics investigates, analyses and interprets the internal and external environment in which a business operates in order to identify key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We then assist clients in gaining a thorough understanding of these insights before developing strategy.

Our company has a clear track record of effective time-sensitive contextualisation for a number of cases in various industries.

Actors & groupings mapping / monitoring

We identify and monitor those actors and groupings affecting the client’s agenda. This continuous process enhances the clients’ policy and time-sensitive decision-making, alerting them to all types of changes.

Substantiated strategy development

“…tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”

Strategy is based on realities and we aim to design optimum strategies to realise complex agendas.

Our core drive is to utilise effective predictive analysis in order to devise a set of strategic options that either provide compelling alternatives to dying strategies, or realistic solutions that deploy all possible capabilities to tackle complex problems.

We combine robust, substantiated intelligence from our operating environments with the knowledge and experience of our people. This ability to see distant things as if they were close - and to take a distanced view of close things – provides our clients with a sustainable edge over competitors, adverse trends and negatively-predisposed actors.

Effective predictive analysis

Predictive analysis encompasses a variety of techniques, including statistics and data mining, to analyse current and historical data and make predictions about future events. Rarely taking the form of absolute statements, these predictions are more likely to be expressed as values that correspond to the odds of a particular event or behaviour taking place in the future.

In business, predictive models exploit patterns found in historical and transactional data to identify risks and opportunities. Models capture relationships among many factors, allowing us to assess the risk or potential associated with a particular set of conditions, and guide decision making for candidate transactions.

CP observatory

The Critical Publics Observatory is the organised function overseeing the real-time monitoring of designated issues and peripheral intelligence on behalf of Critical Publics’ clients. The function includes, among others:

  • Due diligence
  • Publicity monitoring
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Trends monitoring, and
  • Sector developments monitoring

International Observatory & Response Mechanism

Critical Publics can design, create and operate an effective mechanism for monitoring, responding to and participating in international publicity and dialogue generated by specific issues. Once ordered by the client, Critical Publics initiates The International Observatory & Response Mechanism, which will have an active role in participating in and responding to international public dialogues.

  • Phase one: Monitoring, storing and analysis
  • Phase two: Coordinating response, content development and communication