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Mapping & monitoring

Mapping & Monitoring is the function that identifies and monitors actors and groupings affecting client agendas. It is also a continuous process of intelligence gathering to alert clients to all types of changes. Mapping & Monitoring tools enable effective, time-sensitive decision making, helping clients to understand and monitor the:

  • Positions of professional & industry associations, governmental & regulatory bodies, NGOs, political parties, and academic associations towards the organisation, and how they affect or can potentially affect its strategy and agenda
  • Incurred publicity (positive, negative or other)
  • International media and international publicity trends that present issues and factors that influence or can potentially influence the organisation’s strategy and agenda

All reports, updates, alerts and other items are posted on a closed-access intranet where comments, discussions and notes may be added. This tool consists of a flexible and easy-to-use archiving platform providing for real-time updating and communication between team members.

Operating environment landscaping

Operating Environment Landscaping is the mechanism that assists in exploring and analysing the environments an organisation directly or indirectly operates in and interacts with. This process identifies opportunities and threats by examining the following themes:

  • Industry (competitive, regulatory, trends)
  • Market (competitive, marketing, trends)
  • Political (geopolitical, party, transnational)
  • Social (cultural, trends, ethnic)
  • Regulatory (framework, trends, developments)
  • Economic (macro-economic, geopolitical, household)
Institutional and personality profiling

Our goal is to ascertain key elements of an institution’s or individual’s personality in order to anticipate their actions and gain some understanding of their views and decision-making processes.

Critical Publics has an established intelligence-gathering mechanism and network that provides critical information ranging from integrity check, background research and track record analysis of individuals and institutions to deeper analysis of the complicities and interdependencies of political and commercial interests and hidden agendas.

Root-cause analysis

Critical Publics uses root cause analysis, a tool producing structured steps to accurately identify the source, or “root cause”, of the conflict and eliminate it, as opposed to merely addressing the obvious symptoms.

Situation review and outlook assessment

Critical Publics’ situation review and outlook assessment assists clients’ organisations in understanding the environment in which they operate, enabling the creation and development of substantiated strategic options.

Personality and institutional profiling, root-cause analysis and impact assessment are among the tools utilised by Critical Publics to review specific situations and provide in-depth research and analysis: the stepping stone for constructing and developing actionable intelligence.

Innovation & issues watch

Critical Publics offers ad hoc monitoring and analysis of market innovation trends as well as issues and crisis situations that currently or may potentially affect the client's organization. Specific situations and issues require monitoring and deeper analysis in order to assess risk, causality and current or potential vulnerabilities as well as opportunities. Critical Publics utilises a combination of methodologies to explore and retrieve data and trends, and then analyses this information in order to provide an authoritative assessment of situations that may damage or benefit the organisation.

Actionable intelligence systems

Critical Publics provides its clients with Actionable Intelligence Systems consisting of near real-time monitoring, as along with regular reports giving the client up-to-the-minute intelligence to act upon.

We define intelligence as information of a very high degree of accuracy that has been deliberately discovered, distilled, and disseminated to a select audience in order to address a specific question.

We believe that, without the appropriate intelligence, no agenda may be fully achieved. The difference between success and failure lies in the management of detailed and focused intelligence for:

• Understanding, monitoring and preparing for threats
• Identifying, monitoring and planning for opportunities

We perform time-sensitive, in-depth research, analysis and reporting of any issues that arise.