Critical Publics
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Position development

Position development refers to the process of establishing the organisation’s public response to an issue or situation. Subject to objectives and strategy, positions verbalise an interpretation of the present, while simultaneously being inspired by a future outlook. In order to effectively communicate with critical publics, an organization must deliver a powerful message stemming from a well thought-out position.

We assist clients in developing positions and creating impactful verbal and visual messaging.

Issues management support

Emerging issues may bring new challenges to the organisation and require tactful handling in order to minimise possible damage to the organisation’s operations.

Critical Publics helps clients effectively handle issues that may develop into crisis situations, striving for the best possible results. We support the client’s organisation in managing anticipated or unanticipated issues when they emerge consulting with the leadership team and actively taking part in planning efforts and subsequent action.

We aim to:

  • Cut down reaction times
  • Minimise any possible negativity, and
  • Turn any media exposure into an opportunity for positive image building or maintenance.
Contingency & recovery planning

Critical Publics helps clients understand and assess the impact of risks that may affect the implementation of their organisational strategy. Our experienced consultants conceptualise the potential risks that may affect the organisation at any point during the implementation process, and develop actionable plans to avert and exit such situations immediately, at minimum time, with minimum disruption and at minimum cost. Should the organisation’s reputation be negatively impacted by such events, we will implement recovery plans to facilitate the rebuilding of consumer and constituent trust.

Stakeholder engagement & management

Stakeholders can have a direct impact on organization’s plans. We help develop a solid understanding of who the organisation’s stakeholders are and how best to engage and share information with them. Our primary objective is to build goodwill among parties and maintain the licence to operate.