Critical Publics
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Our mission

To help our clients calculate risks, navigate complexity and realise their agenda

Our world view

Critical Publics maintains a dynamic view of the global environment.

The emergence of a globalised continuum

The emergence of a globalised continuum presents a new set of factors affecting organisations and their stakeholders: their critical publics.

  • Internationalisation of the consumer movement
  • Impact of international media catalysts
  • Emergence of globally-accepted thought leaders
  • Rise of transnational NGO activity
  • Impact of transnational corporate agendas
  • Proliferation of information due to citizen journalism
  • Increasing importance of transnational and international legislation
  • Homogenisation of entertainment content
  • Accelerated trend emergence, setting and exploitation
  • Convergence of seemingly autonomous and even contradictory offerings
  • Consolidation of industry and market forces

The prevalence of conflict environments

As market and political forces impact an enlarged global market, organisations increasingly operate in landscapes that are fundamentally conflict environments.

Conflict environments arise naturally from conflicts of interest, competitive actions, and differing moral and social backgrounds of stakeholders. Regulatory constraints or complexities, governmental interference, publicly-driven actions and initiatives, collusion and corruption further contribute to the creation of a conflict environment.

Opportunity vs. Risk

"The optimist sees opportunity in every danger; the pessimist sees danger in every opportunity."

Winston Churchill

Critical Publics maximises the opportunities our clients can exploit while minimising the risks they face.

Indeed, we strive to transform risks into new opportunities for our clients.

Talent fusion

Critical Publics is comprised by a multinational team of intelligence analysts, communications strategists, crisis managers, public affairs specialists, regulatory and legal affairs

advisors housed in our HQ offices in London and satellite offices in Athens, Bucharest and Belgrade. With their extensive international experience, our people effectively navigate complex agendas using methodologies designed to provide robust, substantiated intelligence from our operating environments . This enables our clients to achieve a sustainable edge over competitors, adverse trends and negatively- predisposed actors.

The Critical Publics team is in a seamless collaborative mode with an extended live associate network of journalists, academics, and thought experts from 18 countries. Together, we form a team that defies existing market definitions and provides a true value proposition for our people and clients.