Critical Publics
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Critical Publics maintains close collaboration with Altervision (typography and visual communication) and edg designlab (3D innovative design), managing projects across various fields and domains.

Critical Publics also works with outstanding associates and partners, to assure that our clients receive highly specialised expertise across a wide range of critical services and are always looking to increase our network of domain experts and strategic business collaborations. Our latest partnership since 2009 is with The Rendon Group (TRG), a global strategic communications consultancy.

Altervision, considered as a thought leader in the areas of typography and visual communication, delivers cutting – edge brand consultancy, identity, communication and packaging design and creates brand – led growth for companies in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

edg designlab is a company providing three-dimensional design to clients pursuing innovation.

edg designlab provides high-end services in the field of innovation through 3D design of products, objects, spaces and systems. Design is perceived as the practical expression of innovation: the medium that shapes and realises a new idea, making the creator’s vision "visible" to all five human senses.

For nearly three decades, TRG has been providing innovative global strategic communications solutions from their headquarters in Washington, DC. TRG utilises state-of-the-art technology as well as traditional public relations tools, assisting leading commercial, government and military organisations.