Critical Publics
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Action planning

Critical Publics develops overall action plans depicting how, when and by whom each client’s strategic goals will be reached.

We assist in identifying bold yet achievable objectives, effectively prioritising actions and managing each project to ensure completion of every step to an agreed-upon timetable.

Metaversal communications

We communicate effectively in the ever-evolving online space. Blogs, social networks, portals, vortals, online virtual worlds and internet media are only a few of the components of a complex matrix of global, local and transregional online communications.

We see the online space as a unified, three-dimensional virtual universe that simulates real life environments, communications and social interactions. This online space is the Metaverse: an everexpanding virtual universe comprised of tens of millions of people around the world.

Users expect real-time communication and services in the Metaverse. Critical Publics helps organisations adapt their communication strategies to the Metaverse with integrated planning and implementation services.

Social media

The evolution of Social Media continues at a rapid pace as the Internet has evolved into a communication platform that allows people to interact, collaborate and share.

People generate their own content in the form of comments, reviews and discussions as they engage in a dialogue about issues, initiatives, products and service offerings. They frequently express disappointment regarding the lack of dialogue with commercial or institutional entities, especially when they are involved in a situation.

The use of the Social web as an activism platform against commercial and institutional entities is increasing. Adverse digital visibility on blogs, social networking sites and forums has an increased ability to spread across a wider audience and hinder a company’s reputation. On the other hand, social networks are channels providing unprecedented opportunities for direct communications with critical publics in order to forge stronger relationships and enhance brand equity.

To that end, Critical Publics:

  • Studies online trends and designs accurate monitoring and alert mechanisms for the Blogosphere, Social Networks and on-line Forums
  • Develops specific action plans enabling entities to optimally participate in the online dialog and fully maximise the benefits afforded by the Social web
  • Designs issue-management plans to proactively address dissemination, information compartmentalisation and diffusion needs of commercial entities and organisations on Social Media
Campaign planning & implementation

We cultivate great ideas and do everything in our power to bring them to fruition. Once the intelligence and strategy aspects of our plan have been finalised and a consensus between us and our client reached, we implement all necessary actions in order to achieve the set objectives.

Driven as we are by the end game, we are prepared to enhance and quickly reassess tactical approaches in order to realise the desired agenda.

Critical Publics’ campaign planning and implementation uses customised strategies to maximise the effectiveness of client goals and convey their corporate message to targeted audiences.

Content & message development

Corporate and marketing collateral represents content that is built with valuable intellectual capital and designed to populate and improve the organisation’s communications effort. Our role is not only to conceptualise, design and deliver this content, but also to ensure that it is consistently reflected across all client communications domains.