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Reputation assurance

“…strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory”

An organisation’s reputation is the absolute key to shareholder value, as it affects all operations, the bottom line and future performance. Thus, reputation equity is among the most important corporate assets.

Reputation management is the process of tracking, analysing, and reporting the stakeholder perceptions and viewpoints that develop and evolve in response to an organisation’s actions.

Critical Publics has extensive exposure to and experience in reputation management. We do not view reputation management as a reactive damage control mechanism: rather, it is an opportunity to understand stakeholder perceptions and a tool to make informed decisions about corporate strategy. We treat this process as an “opportunity platform” for image and identity strengthening.

Communication cannot depend solely on occasionally developing and disseminating good ideas. Creativity needs to be structured in a long-term plan, engaging the critical publics in a dialogue that will soon develop into a relationship.

Our role as communication partners is to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of a communication plan that captures and reflects organisational knowledge and assumes ownership of all the key issues within the client’s environment. More importantly, we advise how to structure the interaction with the client’s critical publics in a consistent fashion, avoiding irregular peaks and troughs, in order to create and sustain momentum around the organisation.